Saint Markella
Saint Markella was born and lived in Volissos, Chios, Greece.  The monastery of Saint Markella is 8km away from the settlement Volissos near the beach. Saint Markella was born in Volissos and is the Patron-Saint of Chios The small is rather small and in the courtyard there are enough cells to accommodate tourists for a night. At the end of the beach there is the path that leads to the place of Her martyrdom (after 15-20 minutes on foot). They celebrate Her grace on July 22, which is a public holiday in Chios. Pilgrims from the whole Greece come here to honor the Saint and attend the feast. Many cover the distance Chios- Saint Markella on foot to fulfil their vow
New Menu
You can eat our food at any of the tables situated on the beach or it can be delivered to you on the beach.
More Parking
Additional car parking space has been added for all our customers. Disabled parking is available and safe access to the beach is provided.